Butcher's Sew Shop

Bella Vista: 800 S. 8th St

Graduate Hospital: 1912 South St



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Welcome to Butcher's Sew Shop. 

We're proud to be Philly's #1 sewing spot!

In 2014, we opened our first studio in an old 1920s butcher shop (what was 'Guarerra's Quality Meats' for 80 years) a few blocks from the Italian market. With our name, we chose to pay homage to the Guarrera family and the generations of butchers who earned a living for their families by working with their hands in a skilled trade. It is in this spirit that we hope to revive the art of sewing for a new generation of Philadelphians.

Teach a kid to sew and they'll never have reason to be bored. Our programs give kids the skills they need to make their creative ideas come to life -- whether that means making a garment for a beloved stuffed animal or designing a backpack in their favorite colors for school.  


Sewing is fun, but kids also use critical problem solving skills, spatial reasoning and math when they turn fabric into three-dimensional shapes. Sewing also makes kids proud! We witness incredible moments of celebration when a child finishes a hard-earned project. And, for anyone who has popped a button off a shirt or taken pants to a tailor to be hemmed, you know sewing is a lifelong skill. 

We'd love to add your child to our growing family of young stitchers. Check out our weekend, after school and summer programs and see what parents have to say about us!

"My son absolutely enjoyed his classes. He looked forward to making a new creation each week. It was amazing to see his projects, even more so, it was wonderful to see how his abilities in sewing developed over the span of the course."


"My daughters loved the summer camp program! They came home happy every day, eager to show me what skills they had learned and what amazing creations they had crafted. One of them now wants to become a fashion designer when she grows up." 


"What a brilliant program! Here my child learns the very old art of sewing in a bright, beautiful, modern space in a group facilitated by the kind and patient tutelage of the Butcher's Sew Shop staff. Each week she comes home with an adorable, useful completed project."